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Can anyone register in TTi?

Yes! Anyone above 16 years old can register.

How do I register?

You need to purchase Epin by paying to the company banks account. Then complete and send Request Pin form. When you receive your epin then click on Join Us or Register.

How do I make payment or receive payment?

Depending on your country, you could make payment or receive payments from us through direct bank deposit, Master or Visa Card payment and Online-Wallet

Do you accept any online payment processors?

On request we can make payment to you using any of the above payment methods. Please contact us regarding any of the above.

Can I register more than one account?

Yes! You can have more than one account, multiple accounts are allowed.

Do I have to introduce any one to earn?

No! The system give everyone opportunity to earn whether you refer someone or not. Although we advise every member to try a refer another person to maximize earning

What do i get if i refer a friend?

As you refer each person you keep earning.

How do I refer someone?

You refer or introduce someone by giving them your sponsor ID or Pilot ID to complete their registration process or having them join from your referral link which is at your back office.

How do I get people to register?

It’s very easy, the social media (Facebok, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc) is a good place to get people, You can also talk to friends, families and colleagues what you need to do it just give them Pilot ID, your Sponsor ID or referral link to register with it.

What do I do if I lost or forgot my password?

You can click on forgot password button or request for a new password.

When can I withdraw my money after seen in my e-wallet at each level?

Our pay day is on every Tuesday and Thursdays of the week, but on urgent request we can make quick payment to your account. Our Account department can also pay you directly on your account without your request

Is there any Material Incentive at any level?

No! All you get is total cash you have earned in your Ewallet.

What am I supposed to do with the money I get?

The money is meant for you to fund your business, executive your project, change your life style or whatever you are into.

Once I complete each stage what happens next?

You will be automatically enrolled for the next stage, to keep you enjoying the benefit of TTi.

Is there member to member fund transfer?

Yes members can transfer funds to themselves through their back office

What do I do if my question is not here?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please open a ticket from your back office or send us an email and we will respond ASAP. We will also place it here in the FAQ section for the benefit of others.